"Privacy, Security, and Confidentiality of Medical Records
Complying With Sweeping New HIPAA Requirements"

A National Seminar Series

Health Tech Strategies, LLC is a McLean, Virginia-based consulting firm uniquely focused on the public and private sector policy environment with regard to research, development and implementation of new health care technologies.

During the past year, Health Tech Strategies has produced the nation's most extensive series of regional workshops concerning data security and privacy of individually identifiable health information. To find out about an upcoming seminar near you -- and receive free data security / privacy policy updates -- visit http://www.nonprofitmgt.com/privacy.

At more than twenty locations, leading governmental and private sector experts have discussed the legal, regulatory and standards environment for compliance; model data security policies, procedures and practices; and everything staff and patients might need to know about an organization's security systems. Additional workshops are being throughout 2000 focusing on:

More than 1000 information technology and records professionals; risk managers; health lawyers; practice managers; academic leaders; administrators; health educators and public health officials have attended 1 day or 1 1/2 day seminars.

The seminars have been held in conjunction with major academic institutions, regional medical libraries, health care organizations and private sector groups.

Workshops have already been held (or are being planned) in Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Cleveland, Dallas, Denver, Hartford, Houston, Los Angeles, Miami, Minneapolis, Oakland, Nashville, New York, Raleigh, Salt Lake City, Seattle, Washington, D.C..

The seminars have been supported and publicized with the assistance of health care industry and technology partners, sponsors and collaborating organizations broadly withing the health field and also targeted to specific audiences by affiliated associations, consortia, and corporations, groups, and host institutions, including:


Major national and regional speakers from academia, government and industry have included:

A speaker pool of more than 50 top experts has been assembled, with various combinations of 5-10 speakers used at any given site. Core content for the course has been based upon a recently compiled workbook of the Computer-based Patient Record Institute entitled: "CPRI Toolkit: Managing Information Security in Health Care". More than 200 overview slides have been prepared (not including individual speaker presentations) as part of these efforts to guide workshop participants through an agenda which follows the organization of the CPRI Toolkit.

Contact us at (703) 790-4933 or nealn@hlthtech.com to inquire about producing a seminar for your organization.


For further information contact:
Neal Neuberger, President
Health Tech Strategies, LLC
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