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Health Tech Strategies, LLC is a McLean, Virginia-based consulting firm uniquely focused on the public and private sector policy environment with regard to research, development and implementation of new health care technologies including:

Emerging information and telecommunications technologies for health care administration, bio-medical research, consumer health, alternate site and remote care delivery, teaching and training, telemetry, and patient care management.

Health Tech Strategies provides government and commercial clients with a comprehensive understanding of the many policy and other external circumstances which can help shape the market for their services and products.

Health Tech Strategies can help your organization remain current with regard to major issues like: Medicare, Medicaid and private sector insurance matters; the evolving FDA approval process; health technology transfer assistance mechanisms; new federal HIPAA Act requirements concerning privacy, confidentiality and security; available contract and/or grant support; government-wide technology transfer opportunities -- as well as the impact of state and federal requirements concerning licensure; bio-ethics; certification; patient's rights and other current and pending developments.

In addition, Health Tech Strategies routinely tracks private sector initiatives including collaborative research efforts, as well as the activities of standards setting bodies, venture capital firms, and national trade associations or other organizations seeking to create a more effective health market for technology-related products and services.

Health Tech Strategies can advise your organization concerning the value and risks associated with developing or implementing new technologies by providing you with the latest strategic information regarding Washington and state level legislative and regulatory developments.

Content, Context, and Contacts

Company President Neal Neuberger and his associates are integrally familiar with the content and context of most major policy developments in the field. Morever they have cultivated and maintained an active set of relationships with hundreds of important contacts in Washington and throughout the nation. With more than 20 years of health policy and technology experience within and outside of government Mr. Neuberger's client base includes:

Public Sector

Agency for Health Care Policy and Research
Congressional Ad Hoc Steering Committee on Telehealth and Informatics (Founder)
Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency
Department of Defense Telemedicine Testbed
Federal Joint Working Group on Telemedicine
NASA Division of Aerospace Medicine
National Health Service Corps (DHHS)
National Library of Medicine (DHHS)
National Science Foundation
Office for the Advancement of Telehealth (DHHS)
Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion (DHHS)
Office of Rural Health Policy (DHHS)
Senate Aging Committee
Veteran's Health Administration

Private Sector

AT&T Communications
American Hospital Association
American Osteopathic Healthcare Association
Arthur Andersen Consulting
Association of Minority Health Professions Schools
Association of State and Territorial Health Officials
American Telecare International
Bell Atlantic Communications
Columbia-Presbyterian Medical Center
Concept Five Technologies
Faulkner & Gray Publishers
HELP Innovations
Inova Health System
Institute of Medicine
IBM Global Healthcare
Integrated Visions, Inc.
Johnson & Johnson
Kodak Health Imaging
LSU Medical Center
Medicalogic, Inc.
National Electrical Manufacturers Association
National Rural Health Association
Non-profit Management Associates
Robert Wood Johnson Foundation
Rural Healthcare Corporation
Sisters of Mercy Health System.
US WEST Communications
3Com Global Healthcare

Health Tech Strategy principals understand the public and private sector policy environment, and can help your organization gain valuable insights into the substance and process of pending health care and technology developments. Moreover, we can help you find and meet the right contacts to advance your programs.

Our core services include:

Whatever your needs Health Tech Strategies can offer you unbiased support, since it holds no ownership interests in the health care technology field. Please feel free to contact us directly at (703) 790-4933 if you have any questions about how we may help you.


Health Tech
Strategies, LLC
Voice (703) 790-4933 Fax (703) 790-4944
6612 Brawner Street, McLean 22101